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3 key ingredients of a prayer of surrender

All of you in the prayer of surrender
All of you to God

Some people surrender when their options have run out. Others surrender before their options run out, when they recognize that they face an overwhelming force or an unsurmountable barrier. What all those cases have in common is a recognition of their limitations on the part of the persons surrendering. Is this why you would do a prayer of surrender?

A prayer of surrender is a recognition of limitations, yes. However, it is not a prayer of fear or inevitability Rather it is based on the recognition that the God who loves you so much is more than you can ever conceive.

This Creator God is faithful and desires what is good for you. This God who has no beginning nor end, who is all powerful is with you, will live in you if you let God. Why wouldn’t you pray a prayer of surrender?

What then makes up a prayer of surrender? Here are three key ingredients. Please note that they are not a formula.

A prayer of surrender is more than words

Have you ever listened to someone speak and say all the right words but something was off? It took you a while to figure it out, but then you got it. There was no heart behind the words.

Or, take the situation where protocol was followed in addressing a person because of their rank. However, it was a mere formality and the words were not sincere.

That’s why a prayer of surrender is more than words. Unless the words come from within and are genuine, they mean nothing. The words that are used in prayer must be a reflection of your understanding of God and your posture before God. Indeed, a prayer of surrender is more than words.

A prayer of surrender is sincere

It follows therefore, that a prayer of surrender is sincere; nothing fake. It is you going to God honestly recognizing the difference between you and God. You recognize and acknowledge your need of and dependence on God. Why? Well there are four aspects to you needing God.

God is the creator, the source. In Christ is forgiveness, salvation, and life. God is omniscient, knowing everything, including your path.  God built you with purpose and design and God is the only one who can fully reveal this to you.

When you fully grasp this, you will not be able to help yourself. You will surrender and your prayer of surrender will be sincere.

A prayer of surrender is all of you

You are a whole. It’s easy to forget this and live out of balance. Nevertheless,, the body, mind, spirit, or however you break it down, are categories of convenience. They are useful for description and treatment. However, you know that something as simple as a severe pain in your leg can impact how well you process mentally. You could go on with the examples. The point is that you are a whole.

Since you are a whole, when surrendering to God you must bring all that you are to God. A part will not do. It calls for constantly examining yourself before God to see if you are holding back any aspect of who you are and what you do from God.

Maybe by now you’re asking what makes a prayer of surrender so different. If you are, that’s a great question. You see, all prayers should be prayers of surrender. Each time you go to God you should go with an open and humble heart that recognizes who God is and releases everything in reverence, willing to do what God wants.

Jesus left a great example in the Lord’s prayer. Later, you’ll have an opportunity to look at it again in a new way through SurrenderInPrayer.

How are you praying prayers of surrender?

Removing your boundaries to a full and free life in this world through honest, whole-hearted praying.

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3 key ingredients of a prayer of surrender
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