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3 Excellent Reasons to Quickly Shout Hosanna!

3 Excellent Reasons to Quickly Shout HosannaThe children processed with their palm branches, going right all the way around the worship areas as they and the congregation sang lustily: “All glory, laud and honor.” Yes indeed. Another Palm Sunday, another day to shout Hosanna, Hosanna to the Lord. It was a time to combine a past historic celebration with a present celebratory practice. If you too celebrated Palm Sunday today, you did just that. Maybe you even sang these words:

The people of the Hebrews
With palms before Thee went;
Our prayer and praise and anthems
Before Thee we present.

Today represents a time to shout Hosanna before we face the sobriety of this Holy Week, in particular Good Friday.

But, is Palm Sunday the only day to shout Hosanna? Or, are there other days on which to shout it? You see, you may think of the “Hosannas” that accompanied Jesus as befitting and belonging to Palm Sunday.  However, Hosanna is ongoing. It is past, present, and future. Here are 3 reasons to shout Hosanna at any and all times.

Shout Hosanna! God is Salvation

The Bible is replete with God’s faithfulness and saving actions, even when people seemed unworthy in your eyes. God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. God used Deborah to deliver the Israelites from their oppressors. Time and time again God delivered.

When you look at the waves of your life, you too can point to pressure situations where you know it was the Lord who got you out of them. Now as back then, God has been your salvation. You have found your deliverance in God. Why not shout Hosanna now and for the future as God continues to bring you out?

Shout Hosanna! The journey to the cross is a journey to victory.

Those crowds who shouted, “Hosanna,” as Jesus entered Jerusalem got a vision of victory. They didn’t understand it fully, but they knew that something was afoot, that the God of salvation was once again at work in a visible way.

What they did not get was that their salvation lay through a cross. Their victory lay ahead, after darkness had fallen.

You, on the other hand, know that there is light beyond the cross. Even as you shout “hosanna,” and remember that the cross lay ahead of Jesus, you get to see beyond the cross.

Thus, in your life, when challenges, testing, and overwhelming situations come, remember “Hosanna.” Shout it, for this is but a journey to victory. Jesus Christ has gone before you.

Shout Hosanna! Let Others Know About It

Salvation, victory is good news. How will others know if you whisper it to yourself? Think back to Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. The shouting crowds drew attention to God’s mighty work. They caused others to ask the question, “Who is this?” This question in turn gave them an opportunity to say who Jesus was, as limited as their knowledge was.

You know the full story. You know your own story. Shout your hosanna, glorify the Lord before others. Give them a reason to ask you, “who is this?” Then you will be able to respond. You’ll tell them of all that the Lord has done for you and for them, and invite them to experience God’s salvation. If they take up the invitation, you would have added another voice to the chorus of Hosannas.

Hesitant to shout your hosanna? Ask God to give you the strength to do so.

God’s news is too good to keep to yourself. Thus, as you remember that God is salvation and that victory lies beyond the cross, shout, “HOSANNA!”

Get closer to God and gain a deeper understanding of who God is.

Photo credit: Waiting for the Word /of Flickr

3 Excellent Reasons to Quickly Shout Hosanna!
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