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Celebrating the Powerful Witness of Praying Mothers

celebrating the powerful witness of praying mothersIf I could hear my mother pray again,
If I could hear her tender voice as then!
So glad I’d be, ’twould mean so much to me,
If I could hear my mother pray again.
by James Rowe

Praying mothers

Perhaps, you’re like James Rowe, where you can remember the voice of your mother in prayer. Maybe you still hear that voice today. Or, it may be that you don’t have a memory of a voice because your mother prayed silently, unless it was meal time. However, you knew that she prayed and even felt the effect of her prayers on her life.

Yes. Many attest to the power of their mother’s prayers, and today we celebrate the witness of mothers as we celebrate and wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day.

Praying mothers pray for their children. Some do it aloud in and out of their presence. Some mothers hold their children in their arms and pray with them. Some hold them before they head out of the house to go to school or other such places and pray with them.

Praying mothers also pray for other people’s children. They have a sense of connectedness. They simply pray and extend their prayers for the wellbeing of all and for those who are burdened with the cares of this world. Praying mothers give a selfless witness.

The witness of praying mothers

The impact of praying mothers cannot be quantified. Many attest to the power of their mother’s prayers in turning their lives around. Others find that when they are under pressure, they turn to mom again, and ask her to pray. Some will call mom up to pray with them physically or on the phone.

Even more, because of the witness of a praying mother, a son or daughter will find themselves praying. He or she has learned that God is present, real, and someone to whom you can turn in all seasons. Is this you? Or, perhaps you are the praying mother.

Celebrating the Witness of Praying Mothers

If you are not that praying mother, it’s time to be one. Oh, you may not be a mother, but I’m sure you know children and young people who stand in the need of your prayers. Moreover, the world badly needs your prayers right now.

In addition, think of the gift you would give your mother if you called her or held her today to simply pray with her, even as you thanked her for her witness. If your mother is not alive, there may be another person who plays that role for you with whom you can pray.

Now, you may say, “I did/do not have a praying mother.” That may be so. However, there was probably someone standing in the gap, holding you up in prayer. Think about it.

Days like Mother’s Day, where we pause to recognize and celebrate people who have been unstinting in their care and selflessness are wonderful. They give us an opportunity to let people know how special they are in a “special” way. Yet, we so often pay tribute and leave it there. This Mother’s Day, let’s take it out into action.

What better way to celebrate the witness of praying mothers than by being a person who prays?

Comment and share: How have your mother’s prayers impacted your life?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photo images: OpenClips and Nemo of Pixabay.Com


Celebrating the Powerful Witness of Praying Mothers
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