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If You Have An Ear to Hear . . .

Ear to hear
Do you have an ear to hear?

Have you ever been listening to someone only to realize that you had missed half of what they had been saying? Or, perhaps you were on the receiving end. Someone seemed to be listening to you. Well, let’s just say you were sure that they were listening to you until . . . Until a response or lack of response made it clear that they had tuned you out. Perhaps it was unintentional in both cases. Most likely it was so. The mind is very full these days. As a result, while we all have ears do we all have an ear to hear?

The shepherds had an ear to hear. They heard the angels. And we know they heard at several levels. It was all of them. The sound of the angels penetrated their consciousness enough for them to feel fear. But, they heard deeply enough to go past fear to curiosity. From curiosity they moved to faith evidenced by their action. From action they went on to witness to what they had seen. Then they went back and gave God their prayers of praise. You can read it all here.

Here’s the question for you. In this busy time, do you have an ear to hear?

In this time when you are encouraged to hear in a superficial way then move on to the next dazzling thing, will you have an ear to hear?

In a plugged in era, will you have an ear to hear?

At this period when lives are hanging in the balance, will you have an ear to hear?

In this time when you have been told that your attention span is short, when everything caters to that shortened attention span will you hear?

Do you think for one minute that the angels have stopped speaking? However, will you hear their message? And if you hear, what will you do?

“So they went with haste . . . ” (Luke 2:16 NRSV).

Pray and Experience God more fully.

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If You Have An Ear to Hear . . .
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