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Are You For Or Against Prayer?

For or against prayer
Is your vote up or down?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Of course I’m for prayer. Why else would I be reading this blog post?” If you’re one of our subscribers and receive this SurrenderInPrayer blog post in your inbox, you’ll be thinking, “Of course. Why else would I have signed up?” Some people will even say, “Who would not be for prayer?”

There are people who are not for prayer. A glaring example would be people who do not believe in God. Well, what about those of you who do believe in God? Are you for or against prayer?

Sometimes I ask myself, what is it about prayer? It often seems to be that great thing out there to which we are drawn and repelled at the same time. I know this only too well from my own struggle. The struggle can take on a “for or against prayer” tone.

For or against prayer?

If you ask some people whether they are for or against prayer, you may get comments like these: “Yes. I’m for prayer. I’m just not praying these days.” “Yes. I’m for prayer. I’m just afraid to pray in public.” “Yes. I’m for prayer, but is God even paying attention?” The list goes on. You need to ask the question, are you for or against prayer?

When you observe some congregations, you could imagine getting comments such as: “Yes. We are for prayer. We just don’t have the time to do a lot of it.” “Yes. We are for prayer. We just can’t find people to commit to praying together regularly.” “Yes. We are for prayer. We just don’t need to put it on our calendar.” “Yes. We are for prayer. We say a little prayer during some of our meetings and every Sunday during worship we pray.”

It’s fascinating to me how hard it is to get people to pray. This is both quality time in individual prayer as well as the church prayer meeting, if the church even has a prayer meeting. Prayer chain? Yes. Prayer meeting? No.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for prayer chains, even the email variety. I’m a part of one. However, it’s a lower commitment, a lower threshold than taking time out and making space in a busy schedule to meet for prayer. The meeting could be in person or even on the phone. The important thing is that it is free from distractions. Struggling for the quality prayer time? I’ve been there. Don’t give up.

For prayer

Here’s the deal, though. People who are for prayer spend time praying. It’s a natural activity which is simply a part of who they are. They focus on and surrender to God in their prayers. They do not wait until a crisis to pray.

However, we understand that it is a journey. We know that it can be a struggle. We know it is often hard to shift to showing that you are for prayer in all your being and saying. That’s why we provide resources and programs for you; that’s why we offer services to churches and groups.

Prayer matters. Jesus taught us this by example. Make the choice.

Tell me. Are you for or against prayer?

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Are You For Or Against Prayer?
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