Get Closer to God and You Will Stand in the Storm

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Get Closer to God and Gain a Deeper Understanding of Who God Is

Dear Lord, thank you for your many gifts this day. May we rest well in the assurance that we continue to be in your care and that no one can take us from your hand. We praise you.


How Can You Get Closer to God and Live with Confidence and Peace with SurrenderInprayer?

Get Closer to God resourcesGet Resources to build your prayer life and help you get closer to God

We provide lessons, books, and other resources to empower you to grow in your prayer life so that you get closer to God, gain a deeper understanding of who God is, and live with confidence and peace. Click here for our free resources.


Events to Get Closer to GodAttend Events to Take You Deeper in Yourself and God

Retreats that give you the space to step away from your busy life, breathe deeply, connect with God, self, and others, in a fresh way, and go forth renewed and reinvigorated to live with confidence and peace, regardless of what is happening around you. Click here be notified about our next Prayer Retreat.



Claire A Smith Coach to Get you Closer to GodJoin Our Coaching Program to Get Clear with Dr Claire

Live without stress through this one-on-one coaching program with your experienced spiritual coach mentor and prayer coach. Learn how to live from God’s center. Click here for details about our coaching program, including how to join it.

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