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Heart Cries Prayer Book

Heart Cries: 100 Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love

If you know there’s more to God and your relationship with God than you have experienced so far, then you’re in the right place.

Dear Friend,

Heart Cries Prayer BookIf you desire an experience that takes you out of yourself and draws you more deeply into the life of faith, then Heart Cries prayer book is for you.

If you are looking for prayers that go beyond the well-worn formulas and over-used phrases, then Heart Cries is for you.

It is guaranteed to:

  • Touch you at a deep level.
  • Give you new words to express some of your deepest emotions.
  • Help you to face life’s tough situations with confidence in God.
  • Help you to focus on God.

You see, Heart Cries prayer book was written from the hearts in sincere outpouring to God.

Heart Cries Prayer book by Claire SmithMy name is Claire Annelise Smith. I am an ordained minister with a call to youth ministry and a passion to make space for people to connect with God more.  God is real and you encounter God more fully when you are real with God in your prayers. Then, you live into the abundance and freedom that God has promised.  Isn’t this what you seek? Isn’t this the longing of your heart?

That’s what this Heart Cries prayer book is about. I wrote these prayer to God about everything, expressing my pain, my praise, my frustration, my joy and happiness. They are just heart cries. They led to a deeper encounter with God.

You know how it is. Events in life can knock you off of your feet. Sometimes it’s tragedy. Other times it’s busyness. It can even be that you’re missing God because of some of the structures in church. It does happen and it’s just a part of life. That’s when you need heart cries.

Out of my heart cries came the fullness and freedom that God promises. Out of that also came a more consistent prayer time.

Prayers that are heart cries lead to the fullness and freedom that God promises and a more consistent prayer time.


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Here is why Heart Cries has such a powerful impact

The thing is, when I wrote these I never intended these prayers to be public. They were just reflecting where I was. I believe that is why they impact people in the way they do. Hear what others have to say about Heart Cries.

Heart Cries: 100 Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love has a profound effect on those who use it.

Heart Cries is not a substitute for your own prayers. Rather, Heart Cries enhances your praying.

  • You still use your own words to pray to God.
  • Heart Cries will be there when you are out of words,
  • Or, when you want a different experience.
  • Heart Cries will give you a different prayer vocabulary
  • This difference will open up new perspectives on God, life, and faith.
  • You will gain greater clarity in your relationship with God.


If you’re still wondering whether or not you should get Heart Cries: Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love, consider this: With Heart Cries you get to:

  • Share in the experience of whole-hearted praying.
  • Be refreshed.
  • Express the deep and real things that nobody wants to talk about, much less pray about.

What type of prayers are in Heart Cries?

  • Praise-Worship
  • Gratitude
  • Healing
  • Renewal
  • Guidance

If you are ready for what’s real and what will give you a deeper spiritual experience, then getting Heart Cries: 100 Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love is a no-brainer.

It’s time to click the button below and get your copy of Heart Cries as you remove the boundaries and live fully and freely.

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