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Here’s How to Pray When the Sky is Falling

Here's How to Pray When the Sky is Falling
When is the sky going to fall?

“The sky is falling,” haven’t you heard? Sure, there are many problems facing the world. These include problems “in the sky” as we deal with environmental issues. However, if you’re to believe everything you hear then the sky is falling at any minute and you’d better be afraid. This is not an accident. As some would point out, fear sells.

“The sky is falling” fear factor

In a time when there is much that you could focus on, the competition to get your attention is great and real. The fear factor being sold is high. What are you most afraid of? Why? What have you seen recently that drives your fear? Is it the Muslims? Is it the Immigrants? Is it the economy? Is it the war . . . ? Is it . . . ?

The truth is it could be anything. We are on the threshold of the fear season. The competition now is not only for your attention but also for your vote. Yes. Many are saying that the sky is falling. Your challenge is to keep steadfast in prayer and not allow fear to drive your life and your prayers.

Dealing with “the sky is falling” through prayer

How to Pray honest to God prayingOne of the great things about prayer is that it presents you with an opportunity to hear from God in a real way. Of course if we do all the talking we will never hear what God would say to us. We will miss God’s “peace be still.” However, if we learn to still ourselves and tune out the distractions and tune in to God, amazing things will happen. As I point out in my forthcoming book, How to Pray: Living Wholly Through, Honest, Surrendered, Heart Praying, we will find our center and in the midst of the shaking and roaring, the natural and the man-made crises, we will know that God is God (Psalm 46:10).  In knowing this, we will find our rest.

How to pray when the sky is falling? Go to God sincerely. Tune out, tune in, and listen. You just might find that it’s not true that the sky is falling, and even if it is, you’ll know what to to.

Experiencing the shift to clarity and peace through honest, surrendered, whole whole-hearted praying.

Image courtesy of DasWortgewand, Pixabay.Com


Here’s How to Pray When the Sky is Falling
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