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How Do You Pray When It’s Personal?

How Do You Pray When It's Personal?
It’s Personal

What goes up, then goes down, levels off, then goes up, goes down . . . ? I guess there are several things that do that. Certainly the stock market does. For some people it’s a curiosity when the stock market dives, as it did recently. Some don’t care one way or another. Others pay attention, concerned about the overall health of the national and global economy. For some, it’s personal: “Am I losing all my money? Will my retirement savings disappear?”

If it’s personal you can become fearful. Certainly, you take a different interest from someone who is just curious. You may even call your broker. You’re focused. You’re invested.

This investment will spill over to your prayers, if you’re a praying person. Afraid of losing everything, you’ll probably pray to God with great fervor because it’s personal. It’s not somebody else. It’s you. As the spiritual goes:

Not my brother, nor my sister, but it’s me, O Lord,
Standin’ in the need of prayer;

Not the preacher, nor the deacon, but it’s me, O Lord,
Standin’ in the need of prayer;

Not my father, nor my mother, but it’s me, O Lord,
Standin’ in the need of prayer;

Not the stranger, nor my neighbor, but it’s me, O Lord,
Standin’ in the need of prayer;

How do you pray when it’s personal?

Whether it’s the stock market or some other situation, when it’s personal you pray in a genuine way. There is too much at stake to pray otherwise. It may be that you’re dealing with personal loss such as death, severe illness, loss of job, divorce, etc. Whatever it is, when you pray, you have no time for inane words. You need help from God and you state it, often simply, in a real way.

In addition, when it’s personal you pray with passion. Your emotions are involved. You bring an intensity to your conversation with God as you lay before God what’s happening; as you lay bare your heart.

Sometimes when it’s personal, you have no words. Your heart speaks. You are fully into Romans 8:26 mode, depending completely on the Holy Spirit:

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words.

However, sometimes when it’s personal you get territorial and demanding. You forget that God is God and seek to tell God what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You fail to pray in a surrendered way. This simply leads to frustration and an erosion of your faith when God doesn’t “humor” you.

Especially when it’s personal, you need to step back and hear from God what God would have you do, what God intends to do. Easier said than done to be sure, but if you truly desire to serve God on God’s own terms you will do it.

When it’s personal, who you are and your desire toward God comes out in how you pray. But, is it always only about you?

Personal beyond you

It’s true that the situations that touch you directly are inherently personal. The question is, can it be personal beyond you? When you look at the state of your community, your nation, and your world, can you say, “it’s personal” and pray genuinely, fervently, without words when necessary? Can you go beyond moaning and blaming and let it be personal?

If when it’s personal you play with sincerity, passion, laying bare your heart, can you imagine if when you looked around you and prayed you let it be personal? Moreover, can you imagine if you stepped back, allowed God to speak and lead you on how to act and be in your community, nation, and the world, the impact that would have?

How do pray when it’s personal?

Experiencing the shift to clarity and peace through honest, surrendered, whole whole-hearted praying.

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How Do You Pray When It’s Personal?
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