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Outrageous Praying: Praying the Lord’s Prayer

If You Are Ready  to Pray the Lord’s Prayer with Renewed and Deeper Meaning

then “Outrageous Praying” Is for  You

Outrageous Praying - the Lord's PrayerThe Lord’s Prayer. You know it. You say it. For many people, it is the one Scripture passage they know.

The truth is, even though you say the Lord’s Prayer all the time, how do you explain it beyond the surface meaning? That is a different matter.

What would you say to someone who is new to the faith and wants to know more about it? Would you be hard pressed to explain it?

Still, it is the Lord’s Prayer. When you stop and think about it, Jesus taught it. Jesus lived it.

Therefore, what does a journey through the Lord’s prayer mean but a journey to go deeper to live as Jesus lived? Thus, the journey is an outrageous one for Jesus lived an outrageous life.

Jesus’ life was an outrageous one filled with meaning, giving life to all. You’ll see this as you explore this prayer.

Get “Outrageous Praying.” For less than One cup of coffee per day, you will pray “The Lord’s Prayer” with deeper meaning in a new way. You will relate it to your current situation as you follow Jesus Christ.

This 10-week program is packed.

  • Each week, you will go deeper into a phrase of the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Be touched by God daily as you are guided in prayer and reflection on Scriptures on the phrase for the week.
  • See how this prayer relates to life as you know it today.
  • Experience the power of this prayer in your daily life.
  • Then, go forth with greater focus and clarity as the Lords’ Prayer comes alive in your life.
  • Now, you will live more like Jesus, loving and serving God and people.

All delivered to your inbox.

We could charge much more for this, but we want you to have this content rich program.



What do you get?

  • 10 weekly audio reflections
  • Daily Prayers
  • Daily devotions
  • Daily journal guidelines
  • Thoughts/reflections to end the day

Weekly topics

  1. Why Outrageous?
  2. Outrageous Intimacy
  3. Outrageous Otherness
  4. Outrageous Expectancy
  5. Outrageous Commitment
  6. Outrageous Dependence
  7. Outrageous Obligation
  8. Outrageous Request
  9. Outrageous Vision
  10. Outrageous Understanding of time.

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