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New Year’s Resolutions, Surrendering Prayer: The Magic?

 New Year's Resolutions, Surrendering Prayer: The Magic?The bell rings. It’s midnight. It’s time to pray. Time to make those new year’s resolutions. If you’ve ever attended a Watch Night Services on New Year’s Eve/Old Year’s Night, you’ve had this experience. You may well wonder, what kind of prayers? What type of resolutions? Is there some magic to either one that will make the ensuing year extraordinary?

New Year’s Resolutions: The Challenge

Do you have the T-shirt, “been there done that,” when it comes to new year’s resolutions? Do you also have the other one, “didn’t work?” For many people, making new year’s resolutions is an annual ritual. Keeping up with them? An annual fail. Or, is it?

It’s easy to make these new year’s resolutions, but not so easy to keep them. Welcome to the club. There are articles such as this one entitled, “Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick.” That tells you that if you make resolutions and find yourself unable to keep up with them, you are not alone. Moreover, there are apps designed to help you keep them. It’s really not so easy all by yourself.

Yet, countless people persist in making resolutions as if the new year has a magical quality that will transform them in ways the previous year had not.

Is that you? Why do you and others persist, even with limited or no success?

The Promise of the New Year

There is something about entering a new year. It’s as if you are turning over a page, even starting a new chapter. It holds promise as you step into it. Hence, the desire to make resolutions.

Here’s the thing. Too often, you may make your resolution(s) “out of the air” as it were. What do I mean? There is no context nor realistic and prayerful basis for making them. You make these resolutions without reviewing the previous year and seeking direction from God has to what God would have you do and be, what God wants for you in the new year. That’s why we have this image on our facebook page as a guide for the new year:

New Year's Resolutions - stop









New Year’s Resolutions and Surrendering Prayer: The Magic?

Is there anything magical about a new year, really? It’s a marker. Something that helps you tell time and examine the quality of your life. That’s where the magic begins and ends.

Yet. It’s also an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to review your past year, confess to God what has been left undone, seek God’s guidance for the new one as you surrender to God, and prayerfully press on.  Yes. The best of new year’s resolutions is a commitment to do what God told you to do in surrendering prayer as you follow God into the new year. The rest will fall into place.

Don’t Miss These Steps

  1. Write down what God gives you. Use your journal, a notebook that you use, a special app like Evernote . . . Find something that you will find easily, that is fairly permanent on which to write it.
  2. Make it a part of your devotional time with God. Pray and review it often. It’s easy to get sidetracked as the pace of the year picks up.
  3. Remember God’s grace when you feel that progress is too slow or non-existent. Keep the focus on God and continue to surrender and let God do God’s thing You’re a work in progress.

Looking for magic in New Year’s resolutions? Try surrendering prayer.

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New Year’s Resolutions, Surrendering Prayer: The Magic?
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