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How To Offer Feel Good Prayers: Surrendering Praying

Are you offering feel good prayers?
Do you feel good about yourself?

Stop and take a look. Have you noticed? The more we have, the more we need assurance that we are beautiful, that we are good enough, that nothing is wrong with us, and that we are stars. You can add to the list, can’t you. Yes. The more we acquire, the harder it seems for us to feel good about ourselves. Some people look to feel good praying to help them feel affirmed. That’s good, depending on the nature of your feel good prayers.

Feel Good Prayers Centered On You

Feel good prayers that revolve around how wonderful, how great, how much you are at the center of God’s order are shallow. Their roots do not go deeply enough to sustain you in the face of the pressure to create yourself in the image of some unattainable icon that doesn’t exist in real life. Such prayers are circular and come right back to you and that’s where the problem started in the first place.

Another problem with the type of feel good prayers that start with you is that they tell you to shine in whatever way pleases you. Often, this leads to inner unrest and distress. Then, you’re back to needing your ego propped up. You’re back to needing a ton of affirmation to take the next step.

Feel Good Prayers Centered On God

Yes. You are beautiful. God created you that way. It starts with God. Yes. You are uniquely gifted. God made you that way. It comes back to God. Yes. You were made to shine. God sent you to shine your light. It comes back to God.

The only feel good prayers that you need in order to discover and live confidently out of your beauty, unique gifts, and shine are the ones that start and end with God. Unlike us, God is beginning and end, steady, infinite, the Creator, and the One who sustains. We could go on, but suffice it so say, when feel good prayers are built on God, they go deep and will sustain you against any onslaught because of who God is.

Here’s the thing about feel good prayers, though. They involve surrender. You give to God your wounds and scars, your very life. You listen and allow God to speak into your life and your spirit the truth of whom God is and who you are. You do it regularly.Then, you shine in the way God tells you, not the way you dream up, leading to a life of clarity and peace.

In Daily SIPpers, we’ve been moving past hindrances to experiencing God more fully, and releasing the pressure in our lives in our daily inspiration. We do this, however, not to prop ourselves up but to move closer to God for in God is our life. Our feel good prayers are not for those who are simply looking for an emotional high or the power of positive thinking. However, they are for you if you want to live a life of depth that’s founded on the reality of God, in whom is life eternal.

Yes. Indeed, Offer feel good prayers for God is, well, God just is.

Experience God more fully through honest, surrendered, heart praying and live with greater clarity and peace.

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How To Offer Feel Good Prayers: Surrendering Praying
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