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How Do You Actually Prepare for Looming Trouble Now?

How Do You Actually Prepare for Looming Trouble Now?“The clever see danger and hide; but the simple go on, and suffer for it” (Proverbs 22:3). This verse is not about fear but about wisdom. It’s about understanding what is happening and acting appropriately. In many ways this month, National Preparedness Month, is about wisdom—preparing by understanding and acting appropriately. It is about how you prepare for looming trouble now.

We continue this month’s blog focus on looking at different types of preparation. Last week we looked at prayer. In this blog post this week we will look at practical preparation. This is in keeping with the spirit of the month.

God wants us to live with wisdom. We don’t always do so. Consider this. In some areas, snow storms are frequent. Yet, when the storm warning is issued, many people flocks to the store for basic items. That’s a lack of preparation and a lack of wisdom.

Why You Should Prepare for Looming Trouble

Why a month on preparation? Here’s the official explanation: “[It] serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work, and also where we visit”. Thus, preparation is for anything that could happen at any time of an emergency nature. It could impact any or all aspects of our lives. The time to prepare is before the emergency happens. When it happens it’s too late.

If you’re paying attention. you are aware that natural disasters are happening with frequency. Some of them in the season. Some of are out of season. Recently, nearly everyone seems to be the worst ever. There are also societal issues that point to instability. When will something affect you? Indeed. It is time to prepare for the looming trouble. This is not about fear. It is about wisdom.

What it Means to Prepare for Looming Trouble

Think of what’s been happening recently. There are tons of scenarios. Therefore,

  • Be prepared to stick it out without power and access to the stores for a period of time.
  • Be prepared to evacuate, if necessary ,in the case of flooding, etc.

Either of these means having extras of everything, all categories in a safe space or spaces. It also means having a bag packed and ready to go in case you have to evacuate. Know where all of your important things are. Keep them in waterproof bags and/or fire proof bags. Keep at least a half-gallon of gas in your car at all times. Keep an emergency bag in your car.

Here is a site to check out for basic preparation tools: It gives you something to do each month. However, given the times in which we live, go through all the months and prepare now. Do all the actions now.

We’re in the season of storms, literally and figuratively. This Do1Thing site tells you how to prepare for a 72-hour window. If you can prepare for a longer period, do that. Don’t be caught napping and be left at the mercy of others. In addition, people who are survivalists put out information on their sites with more details. Do a search and check them out.

God wants you to live in wisdom, God wants you to be always prepared in all areas. Don’t wait. Start now.

Get Closer to God and Live with Greater Confidence and Peace

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How Do You Actually Prepare for Looming Trouble Now?
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