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Leslie Van BlarcomThe prayers are faith-filled, gentle and sincere. I especially resonated with: “Jesus,” “The Welcome,” “Crowded,” “Clay,” “Broken,” “Brokenness,” “Bereft,” “At the End of the Rope,” “The Honor,” “Liquid Boundaries” and “Loving God.” A friend just lost her spouse. I read “Bereft” to her and she cried – she said it is just what she feels right now.

Claire Smith is gifted at prayer! Rev Leslie Van Blarcom, Fairway, KS



Kathleen Minoo“Heart Cries” is a wonderfully appropriate title for this collection of prayers/poems written by Reverend Claire Smith.  They are soul-baringly honest, deeply moving, humbling and uplifting, all at the same time. They verbalize the myriad emotions I feel towards my Savior, but am unable to adequately express. Until now. I can feel the joy in praising God’s goodness, and be secure in knowing that whatever comes my way, He will always be faithful. My personal favorites of the collection, the ones that mirror my feelings, and allow me to speak my heart, are entitled “Prayer for the Day” and “Presence/ Quiet Time”.  Thank you , Claire, “Heart Cries”  feels like balm to my heart.” Kathleen Minoo, Bronx, NY


Heart Cries Prayer BookThe prayers in this book are deep, descriptive, and experiential. They invoke a spirit of peace and trust in God; in addition these prayers remind us all of how amazing our God is. I especially appreciate that there is a prayer for so many of life’s situations.

This morning, I was having an especially hard time concentrating; but I decided to try to read a prayer or two anyway. The prayers paint such a beautiful and descriptive picture, it was pretty easy to focus on that instead of other things swirling in my head. Whilst reading this book, I happened upon the term grace-full. Simply writing it this way sparked my thought that yes “life is full of moments of grace–I just have to remember (and be willing) to look for them.”  Rachel McClain, Moore, OK


steele-timothy-croppedClaire Smith’s book of prayers was an answer to my prayers as I sought new and fresh ways to pray.  Her deep faith and personal relationship with Christ is evident in each prayer.  Truly God is working through her and in this amazing resource.
Tim Steele, Ph.D, Lenexa, KS


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