Studies on Prayer

How to Grow Your Prayer Life Cover

If you are wanting to grow your prayer life, then this is the place to start. Get these 4 Bible Studies for a more vibrant prayer life. Get your questions like whether or not and how God answers prayer discussed. Know the role of the Holy Spirit in your praying, You’ll get a deeper meaning and exploration of prayer.

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Outrageous Praying

With Outrageous Praying, you will pray the Lord’s Prayer with deeper meaning in a new way that you will relate to your current situation as you follow Jesus Christ. Be touched by God daily as you are guided in prayer and reflection on Scriptures that are relevant to the aspects of the Lord’s Prayer and your life. Then, go forth with greater focus and clarity as the Lords’ Prayer comes alive in your life and you live like Jesus now.

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How to Pray Package

If you want to revitalize your prayer life, strengthen your intimate connection with God to live a happy, fulfilled, and confident life, then the “How to Pray Suite” is for you. Read the book, How to Pray: Living Wholly Through Honest, Surrendered, Heart Praying. Go through the study guide, How to Pray: Study Guide, and journal using the devotional, How to Pray: 28-Day Devotional and Journal.

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