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Here are 3 Important Tips for Praying between the Seasons

It’s that time, isn’t it? What time? That time. That time when it’s Fall one day and Summer the  next. It’s the time of year when people seem to succumb to the vagaries of the weather and sniff a little more, cough a little more as their bodies try to adjust to the changeable weather. It’s[…]

How Do You Pray in a Changing Time?

Have you noticed? The leaves are beginning to change. Yes. In some places it’s barely noticeable, but the change is here. Now, you may live in a place where you do not have Fall/Autumn. Yet, nature still signals changing times and seasons. Some fruits are now out of season. Yes. Changes all around. How do[…]

How Are You Praying while You Are Watching?

Carol expected Jeremy to show up at any time. She kept looking out for him. She noticed the storm clouds gathering. She remembered that he’d told her he wouldn’t get there until after the storm. Still, she kept looking for him. She was watchful. You too are probably watchful. There is something you are expecting.[…]

How to Pray When the Darkness Falls

Susie picked up her pace. She had spent a longer time in the park than she had planned. Now, the darkness was falling quickly. She had planned to be home while there was still daylight for the road home was dark, lined with many trees that blocked out the street lights. Even as she quickened her[…]

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