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3 Excellent Reasons to Quickly Shout Hosanna!

The children processed with their palm branches, going right all the way around the worship areas as they and the congregation sang lustily: “All glory, laud and honor.” Yes indeed. Another Palm Sunday, another day to shout Hosanna, Hosanna to the Lord. It was a time to combine a past historic celebration with a present celebratory[…]

Really, What Is the Big Deal About Special Lenten Ashes?

Why is this coming Wednesday important in the life of the Christian Church? If you answered, Ash Wednesday, you got it right. Yes. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, this coming February 9th. Many will go to church for the imposition of special Lenten ashes. There are some traditions that skip this part. However, most recognize the[…]

How To Handle Your Desert Challenge Using These Tips

Are you the adventurous type? Would you sign up for a desert challenge? Not many do, for the desert challenge is not for the faint in heart. This is what Greg Nance said of his participation in the Gobi March: “The merciless sun and grueling hills of the Gobi savaged my taxed legs. In just[…]

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