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Are You Letting “How To” Bind You?

TweetJenni entered the room and looked around in dismay. She could not believe her eyes. Samantha had done nothing to fix it in her absence, as they had agreed. “Samantha,” she called. Samantha came. “Hi. What’s up?” “What’s up?” Samantha retorted. “We agreed that you would clean and have everything ready by the time I returned.[…]

What If You Are Limiting Your Praying?

If you limit your knowledge to a small area, chances are that will be the extent of your vision. It will also be the extent of your praying. If however, you seize opportunities to learn about different places and people, to find out how other people saw life and understood reality, you would find your[…]

Where Does Your Daily Habit Start?

What’s more wishy washy than saying you’re going to start a new daily habit without thinking it through? At this time of the year, it’s easy to get sucked in when everyone is talking about doing new things, starting new daily habits. It’s easy to think that you should start something new. The question is, “do you[…]

Whose Rhythm Are You Following?

Today is Christmas Sunday. Yes. Today. For many people however, Christmas is over. Everything built up to December 25th and that’s gone. It’s time to move on. For some, it’s time to move on to the next big sales opportunity, Yet, Jesus still can bind In love all humankind. To the manger humbly kneeling, Still[…]

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