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When You Pray, Do You See God Or Do You See Things?

TweetWhat’s your list like? Is it filled with requests for things you want and need? Does it have a space for others? Is it the first thing with which you approach God? Do you have space for praising God and simply acknowledging who God is and resting in God? In other words, when you pray,[…]

How To Handle Your Desert Challenge Using These Tips

Are you the adventurous type? Would you sign up for a desert challenge? Not many do, for the desert challenge is not for the faint in heart. This is what Greg Nance said of his participation in the Gobi March: “The merciless sun and grueling hills of the Gobi savaged my taxed legs. In just[…]

How To Offer Feel Good Prayers: Surrendering Praying

Stop and take a look. Have you noticed? The more we have, the more we need assurance that we are beautiful, that we are good enough, that nothing is wrong with us, and that we are stars. You can add to the list, can’t you. Yes. The more we acquire, the harder it seems for[…]

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