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Is the Awesome Power of Prayer Exaggerated In the World?

Do you know Sceva’s seven sons? Have you met them? You will not be able to meet them in the flesh but you’ll find them in the Bible. They were fascinated by Paul and his actions. They saw the power of prayer in action and wanted it for themselves. They got a whipping instead. You can[…]

When You Pray, What Type of Child Are You?

What type of child are you when you pray? That’s assuming, of course, that you see God as your parent. After all, it was Jesus who said that when you pray you should say, “Our Father.” Yes. God is the loving parent, while still being the omnipotent one. So, what type of child are you? Can[…]

How To Offer Feel Good Prayers: Surrendering Praying

Stop and take a look. Have you noticed? The more we have, the more we need assurance that we are beautiful, that we are good enough, that nothing is wrong with us, and that we are stars. You can add to the list, can’t you. Yes. The more we acquire, the harder it seems for[…]

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