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How Are You Praying while You Are Watching?

Carol expected Jeremy to show up at any time. She kept looking out for him. She noticed the storm clouds gathering. She remembered that he’d told her he wouldn’t get there until after the storm. Still, she kept looking for him. She was watchful. You too are probably watchful. There is something you are expecting.[…]

When You Pray, Whose Plan Do You Follow?

When you see the word, “plan,”‘ what comes to your mind? Is it something rigid, overly structured and formal? Does it sound like something already laid out that you simply follow? That’s one way of looking at it. However, a plan could also be program and intention. So here’s the question with a different twist:[…]

When You Pray, What Type of Child Are You?

What type of child are you when you pray? That’s assuming, of course, that you see God as your parent. After all, it was Jesus who said that when you pray you should say, “Our Father.” Yes. God is the loving parent, while still being the omnipotent one. So, what type of child are you? Can[…]

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