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What They’re Saying

About the Coaching Program

This coaching program is just what I needed to grow my relationship with God! It is helping me stay focused on God and getting to know Him on a more intimate level. The thought provoking devotionals, both written and audio has certainly helped increase my desire for a deeper relationship with God.

I love, love, love the one on one, personalized coaching and the audio lessons.

The program has already exceeded my expectations and I’m only a few months into it.

Lynn Lewis


About SurrenderInPrayer Resources

“I really look forward to reading SIP resources. It’s an inspiration to me. I thorough enjoy it. Sometimes I’m able to share it on my Facebook page and encourage other people. It is and has been very uplifting to me. On many occasions it’s just that little thing that I need to take me through the day.”

Donna Robertson, Rockville, MD

Prayer has always been fulfilling in my faith walk. I realized the value of SIP shortly after I was introduced to it. I found it to be comforting and pleasing. In a confused and troubled world as this is we all need some vehicle to which to retreat in serenity. It offers spiritual strength for our spiritual faith journey and physical living because once we’re spiritually strong we can better handle physical things. I would encourage anyone and everyone to trust SIP as that vehicle. I am a SIPper. Let’s all be a SIPper.
Rev Michael Murray, Kansas City, MO

About Daily SIPpers

Dr. Claire Smith’s Surrender In Prayer, Daily SIPpers reflections provide a solid inspiring resource for persons, like myself, who are on the go but desire a deeper connection with God.

The Daily Cups are concise. However, the readings and meditations deliver something for me to reflect upon the entire day.  The monthly themes are relevant and help make incorporating thoughts and ideas in my life. I was in a time of deep discernment about future direction and was practically encouraged and blessed by “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go to the Lord” meditation.

In addition to the clear, solid, spiritual resource, Dr. Smith has provided the option for visual as well as audio versions of the Daily Sippers reflections, which I have found helpful.

I highly recommend Daily SIPpers, it offers much more than a sip of inspiration.

Rev Margaretta Smith Narcisse

About the Seminar, “So You Want to Develop Your Prayer Life: What’s Next?”

“So You Want to Develop Your Prayer Life: What’s Next?” allows persons to think deeply about prayer as an integral aspect of daily existence. In this two hour introductory workshop to a prayer as a way of life, Dr. Claire A. Smith combines narrative theology and poetry to guide participants on an exploratory journey that invites each to assess where they are and to identify areas that can be fortified by a sustained practice of prayer.I recommend “So You Want to Develop Your Prayer Life: What’s Next?” as a spiritual development and faith formation resource for seminarians as well as a vital resource for congregational revitalization.
 – Dr. Angel D. 
Sims, Dean of Academic Programs and Associate Processor of Ethics and 
Black Church Studies.

About Heart Cries: 100 Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love

“Heart Cries” is a wonderfully appropriate title for this collection of prayers/poems written by Reverend Claire Smith.  They are soul-baringly honest, deeply moving, humbling and uplifting, all at the same time. They verbalize the myriad emotions I feel towards my Savior, but am unable to adequately express. Until now. I can feel the joy in praising God’s goodness, and be secure in knowing that whatever comes my way, He will always be faithful. My personal favorites of the collection, the ones that mirror my feelings, and allow me to speak my heart, are entitled “Prayer for the Day” and “Presence/ Quiet Time”.

Woke up early this morning and listened to Claire Smith’s introduction to the audio version and of course, my 2 favorites! It was perfect. Claire Smith sounds as if she is chatting with the listener, and then when she recites the prayers, I can hear the reverence in her tone. Wonderful. I truly appreciate her reminder to carve out a specific time to spend with God. Saying a prayer on the run is never enough. Thank you , Claire, “Heart Cries”  feels like balm to my heart.”

Kathleen Minoo, Bronx, NY

The prayers in this book are deep, descriptive, and experiential. They invoke a spirit of peace and trust in God; in addition these prayers remind us all of how amazing our God is. I especially appreciate that there is a prayer for so many of life’s situations.

This morning, I was having an especially hard time concentrating; but I decided to try to read a prayer or two anyway. The prayers paint such a beautiful and descriptive picture, it was pretty easy to focus on that instead of other things swirling in my head. Whilst reading this book, I happened upon the term grace-full. Simply writing it this way sparked my thought that yes “life is full of moments of grace–I just have to remember (and be willing) to look for them.”

Rachel McClain, Moore, OK

The prayers are faith-filled, gentle and sincere. I especially resonated with: “Jesus,” “The Welcome,” “Crowded,” “Clay,” “Broken,” “Brokenness,” “Bereft,” “At the End of the Rope,” “The Honor,” “Liquid Boundaries” and “Loving God.” A friend just lost her spouse. I read “Bereft” to her and she cried – she said it is just what she feels right now.

Claire Smith is gifted at prayer!

Rev Leslie Van Blarcom, Fairway, KS
Claire Smith’s book of prayers was an answer to my prayers as I sought new and fresh ways to pray.  Her deep faith and personal relationship with Christ is evident in each prayer.  Truly God is working through her and in this amazing resource.
Tim Steele, Ph.D, Lenexa, KS

About My Soul Is Satisfied

 The poems are really beautiful. They call you to surrender, to surrender to the yearning to be one with yourself, one with the divine. As you read each day, you are encouraged to know God and feel God’s generosity even in instances that are seemingly bleak. This resonance is especially persuasive in ‘Tears’ and ‘Dried Leaves’. This booklet would be be useful to get you into a meditative state.
Praying from the soul. Reading the Prayer Book feels like looking into a mirror and seeing your soul. At first you are startled by the clarity and depth that is presented and you feel forced to just peek around the corners of the words, but then you get to Day Three and you are compelled by the words to relax into the experience and anticipate “The Time Ahead.” The words are simple and quiet as they enter your consciousness and at the end you feel awaken from a deep meditative state. Renewed and refreshed, you know it is well.
Paula James
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