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Do You Ever Get Stuck on What to Say When Praying?

when praying don't be stuck
Focus on a loving God when praying

Charlie wanted to pray but he was unsure about how to go about it. What words should he use? Did he have to be eloquent? Would it matter if he stumbled a bit and fumbled for words? Should his prayer be long or should it be short? Would what he said be acceptable when it was time for him to pray in public? When praying, what should he say?

Charlie had important questions. These are the type of questions that many people get stuck on when it is time to pray. They’re the type of questions that people who are new in the faith and new to praying have. Truth to tell, however, even people who have been around for a long time still wonder what to say when praying and often get stuck.

Here’s the deal. You’re praying to God. Thus, when you go to God with honest, surrendered, heart praying you don’t have to worry about words and whether or not God will accept what you offer. As to the people around you, well, forget about them as well. Focus on God. This is the message we seek to pass on through SurrenderInPrayer. I lay it out in my upcoming book.

Having said that, I know that it’s not that easy for everyone, so here’s an acrostic to help you keep it real when praying in these 4 things to remember when praying.

forthcoming book on prayer

4 Things to Remember When Praying:

  1. Be Real. Use the words that you would say to a trusted friend or parent or counselor.  Speak with God just like you’d normally talk. Use everyday language that is real to you. Don’t be a fake with God.
  2. Be Earnest. Speak with words that are honest and sincere, coming your heart. This relates to being real. Let your words come out of and show a desire for God and a relationship with God. However, if one day you’re not feeling it, still pray. These are guidelines. Not rules. Again, be honest and let God know how you feel about the prayer time.
  3. Be Alert. When you go to God, let your words show that you are aware of and appreciate God. In other words, don’t just go and spew a lot of requests at God as if God is your personal Santa Claus.  Greet God respectfully and show your gratitude.
  4. Be Loving. Receive God’s love in prayer. Verbally return it as you pray—tell God that you love God back. Then share the love as you pray for yourself and others.


There’s one other thing:

Sometimes silence is golden:

  • You have no words to say and you simply have to turn it over to the Holy Spirit.
  • You need to listen and allow God to speak.

Why don’t you check out my video to continue looking at what to say when praying? Simply click this link and it will take you there.

Experiencing the shift to clarity and peace through honest, surrendered, whole whole-hearted praying.


Do You Ever Get Stuck on What to Say When Praying?
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