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When Is the Best Time to Pray?

When Is the Best Time to Pray
Life is a continuous stream

“We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today,” said Martin Luther King, Jr. He said this in the context of the Vietnam war as he laid out his case eloquently and systematically. It’s well worth the read. Although that war is over, the statement contains an important truth that, yes, “tomorrow is today.” If we were to apply that as we think of the best time to pray, when would that time be?

The Best Time to Pray Is . . .

You have an exam coming up. When is the best time to pray? When you go to write that exam? Yes. Of course. But, what about when you start your preparation? That would be the best time to pray for insight and the perseverance needed to prepare well. That’s just one example of the best time to pray.

Here’s another. Take a look at 2016.

In the US, there will be general elections, and some other elections. When is the best time to pray?

There are churches that will be holding general meetings and conferences that are held every four to two years. When is the best time to pray?

So often we think that the best time to pray is at the moment we’re ready to cast our vote, or the day of, or at the end of the campaign season. Yet, consequential decisions are being made everyday, even now. When do you think is the best time to pray?

With regard to our churches, we have great prayers when we meet. We ask God to do lots of different things. Yet, the reports have been written and the nominating committees have already done their work by the time these general meetings come around. Important decisions are being made even now. When is the best time to pray?

Sometimes the decisions that people make prior to these big events are at the group level. At other times, the decisions are at the individual level. Whether group, or individual, decisions are being made all the time. Plans are being put in place. The preparation is ongoing.

When then is the best time to pray? What about now, today?

The Importance of Today

It’s easy to miss the significance of today. We miss it because we are too fixed on the past or focused too far out into the future. Strangely enough, we miss it sometimes because we are too anxious and forget to savor the now moment and see it for what it is. It is a time that will not come again, thus it is to be accepted for what it is and enjoyed. At the same time, it is but a gateway to the future that is already begun, for life is a continuous stream.

When is the best time to pray? Try the important today. Being in the moment, enjoying the moment does not mean ignoring the future. Pray now, as God brings elections, and church meetings, and other events to your mind and heart. Pray now, as people are becoming emotionally engaged and making decisions with the head and/or heart.

Don’t wait, for “tomorrow is today,” and the now of today is always the best time to pray.

I’ve also prepared this video for you at this link that goes into more detail on the best time to pray.

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When Is the Best Time to Pray?
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