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When You Pray, What Type of Child Are You?

type of child
Are you a trusting child before God?

What type of child are you when you pray? That’s assuming, of course, that you see God as your parent. After all, it was Jesus who said that when you pray you should say, “Our Father.” Yes. God is the loving parent, while still being the omnipotent one. So, what type of child are you?

Can You Identify Your Type of Child?

There’s the petulant child. If you’re the type of child who is a petulant one,  you’re unhappy with God because God hasn’t done what you wanted how you wanted it. When you pray, you’re impatient with God, harboring anger and resentment toward God that’s barely below the surface and bubbles up from time to time.

What about the whining child? If you’re the type of child who is a whiner, whenever you pray, you complain. It’s constant. You complain about God and  what God is doing. You complain about the people around you. You complain . . . You’re disruptive.

Then, there’s the rebellious type of child. Is that you? If you’re the rebellious type, you are bent on going your own way. It doesn’t matter what God says or what God wants. You know better and you’re simply going to do what you want rather than what God wants. Except when what God wants suit you.

To be Like Jesus

There is the type of child  who is like Jesus. If you are, you desire to please God by doing God’s will above all others. You may stumble, but you get up and press on. You may not understand, but you press on. You’re always seeking to know what God wants and praying for the strength to do it. This sustains you. You’ve moved past petulance, whining, and rebellion. You are following hard after Jesus Christ.

In other words, when you pray, you are praying honest, surrendered, heart praying. You’ve moved to a fuller experience of God.

So, what type of child are you when you pray? How are you seeking to be like Jesus?

Experience God more fully through honest, surrendered, heart praying and live with greater clarity and peace.

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When You Pray, What Type of Child Are You?
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