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Why You Don’t Need to Be Good Enough

Can you be good enough?
What is good enough?

When we accept the wonderful way in which we are made we are led to God’s love. Another moment of awe in a different key. The Lord of the universe loves us and places such value on us that not only did God make us with care and wonder but sent God’s son to die for us. It is a wonderful thing. It is a thing for which there are no adequate words that describe it.

If God sees us this way, how could we devalue ourselves? How could we talk down to ourselves? How dare we allow others to make us less than what God says we are? It’s time to release thanksgiving to God for God’s love, receive it, and live out of it.

At the same time, we have to guard against an unrealistic view of ourselves. There is a part of us that is broken and needs mending by God.

You know, everybody wants to be a good person. Yet, it’s interesting that Jesus said that only God is good. The more I see, the more I am convinced that this is so.  (Shouldn’t have needed convincing; now should I?)

I have seen too many “good” people commit atrocities great and small against another. After all, what is the criteria that we use for good? Is it a well-manicured yard? Is it a certain amount in the bank account? Is it getting to the top of the ladder? What is it? Different people and groups define “good” differently. Here’s the thing. At the end of the day, who knows what is in the heart of another human being? Therein lies the crux of the matter.

Realistically, we all need a change of heart that only God can give. And then, it is a day-by-day, moment-by-moment reliance upon God to continue to change and purify our hearts; to turn us from our inward look to look up to God and out to others; to look up and out, and love up and out with deeds that accompany our words. Thus, in our praying, we are honest about who we are and our needs for God’s mercy, grace, and strength.

In this way, we are empowered to drive with our focus through the windshield and not the rearview mirror. Dealing with ourselves in the light of who God says we are leaves us free to pull the pieces of our lives together, live joyfully in the present with an eye to the future. Thus, we can be real, open to God’s vision and direction.

Will you do this? Will you forget being good enough and see yourself as God sees you and live freely with honest prayers?

(This blog post is an excerpt from How to Pray: Living Wholly With Honest, Surrendered, Heart Praying)

Experiencing the shift to clarity and peace through honest, surrendered, whole whole-hearted praying.

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Why You Don’t Need to Be Good Enough
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