Sometimes life hits you hard and you wonder where to turn. Sometimes you just long for a place of peace in the midst of this busy life. Or, you may simply want a guide for deeper reflection. My Soul is Satisfied:10 Daily Prayers will give you all that and more. Plus you'll get our regular inspiration reflections and updates chocked full with inspiration delivered to you in your inbox right where you are.

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You'll also get our regular tips and resources to get closer to God.

What’s in it this devotional? It:
  • Deals with the real issues in life that many people will not talk about!
  • Is a journey of hope and assurance.
  • Feeds your soul and leaves you feeling fulfilled and satisfied!
  • It’s about you and God.
  • Encourages you to know God more in all situations.



About the Author

Claire A Smith, PhD
Heart Cries Prayer book by Claire SmithRev Claire Annelise Smith, PhD is an experienced spiritual mentor and prayer coach. She is empowering you to get closer to God, gain a deeper understanding of who God is, and live with confidence and peace. Dr Smith has written, How to Pray: Living Wholly Through Honest, Surrendered, Heart Praying, and Heart Cries: 100 Prayers of Faith, Hope, and Love

What They Say about It

Join SurrenderInPrayer“Reading the Prayer Book feels like looking into a mirror and seeing your soul. At first you are startled by the clarity and depth that is presented and you feel forced to just peek around the corners of the words, but then you get to Day Three and you are compelled by the words to relax into the experience and anticipate “The Time Ahead.” The words are simple and quiet as they enter your consciousness and at the end you feel awakened from a deep meditative state. Renewed and refreshed, you know it is well.”

Paula James, On an inward spiritual journey
to find the essence of God within me.

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